Candace Lightner

An Iconic Presence in American Life

"My mission is to empower people to believe they too can change lives, including their own."

Candace Lightner Speaker

An Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant and International Agent of Change

Candace Lightner inspires audiences around the world to rethink their lives, become more involved, create change and believe that anything is possible. She has brought life back to those who have resigned themselves to the status quo and encouraged others to speak out against injustice. She is a grass roots activist, CEO, founder, mother and grandmother who knows how to motivate and captivate your entire organization and rarely walks away without a standing ovation.

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Candace Lightner Speaker

Creating a Successful Movement for Change

I live in Virginia and one day I was reading an article about a police officer in DC who would go from school to school speaking about the dangers of drug abuse. What caught my eye was his statement to the reporter, “I want to do what that white woman in California did about drunk driving.” It wasn’t the first time I had read statements like that in articles when someone was trying to make a difference.

These days activism is more relevant than ever and the need for change permeates our society. It is reflected in the ongoing phone calls and emails I have received for the past 40 years about such issues as ending sex and human trafficking, gun violence, sexual assault and discrimination. It is impossible for me to guide and mentor all those who contact me but I want to help everyone who would like to see a better world. And I have a found a way by creating Master Classes on How to Build a Successful Campaign for Change.


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Change Doesn’t Have to Be Violent


I have watched with horror at the recent violence at our nation's capital. I couldn't help but reflect back on a group of angry grieving mothers who were able to change a culture, change laws and save lives without breaking any laws or displaying any violence. Our weapons were facts, not pie in the sky conspiracy theories or conjecture based on one deranged man's opinion who was terrified of losing. We debated opposition, again with proven facts from a number of sources, not rhetoric that inflamed and incited people to kill and destroy but carefully researched arguments that convinced people we were on the right course. Our strategy was reinforced by our success.

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