Candace Lightner

   Society needs activists at all levels: individuals who have not forgotten how good “right” can feel, and understand the sense of purpose that comes from making a difference. As I continue assisting individuals with a cause, I am continually amazed to see the impossible made possible.”
- Candace Lightner

Campaign for Change

How to Create a Successful Campaign for Change

  •  Do you see a problem that you are desperate to solve?
  •  Are you stuck and don’t know where to start?
  •  Are you an advocate for change and nobody is listening?
  •  Do you feel your organization needs improvement?
  •  Do you feel passionate yet powerless?

I understand. I actually started one of the most successful grassroots campaigns in the country, with no money, experience or connections. My campaign is now credited with saving more than 400,000 lives. I want to teach you how to do the same - how to organize a successful movement, make a difference and change lives.

In this 8 session program you will learn how to create a winning campaign for change. Whether it’s within a company, community or the world stage, you will learn how to impact others and make a difference. We will work together to organize, strategize and get the job done.

My simple approach appeals directly to passionate, activists and advocates who are not only beginning their journey of creating change but who need to tweak their existing campaign


  •  Have the confidence to achieve your goals and succeed.
  •  Understand how to develop and implement a successful strategy and mission statement.
  •  Walk away with a basic understanding of how to establish a grass-roots movement or a non-profit organization.
  •  Understand how to work within the system whether it is on the local, state or national level.
  •  Create a compelling media campaign that gets results.
  •  Develop an effective legislative strategy.
  •  Learn how to build a coalition and seek resources to support your cause.
  •  Walk away knowing you’ve got this!

This workshop is right for you if:

  •  You are passionate about making a change in the world big or small.
  •  You want to be an influencer in your industry.
  •  You want to revitalize or amp up your existing campaign.
  •  You see a problem that needs to be solved and know you are the solution yet you don’t know where to start.
  •  You want to change the status quo within your community or organization.

Schedule a 20 minute Discovery Call with Candace to determine if this program is right for you.


“Someone once said to me, ‘if you don’t like the law, little lady, change it.’ So I did. And so can you.” -- Candace Lightner